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Schneider 138mm Diopter Full +3 Gen2

Brand: Schneider

Schneider 138mm Diopter Full +3 Gen2

  • $14.00

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The Schneider 138mm Diopter Full +3 Gen2 lens attachment reduces near focus distance, allowing you to capture macro images without using a special macro lens. This is done by increasing the magnification while the field of view decreases, but the depth of field is retained. This filter is a suitable option for reducing the MOD of anamorphic and zoom lenses. The +3 strength is a reciprocal of focal length in meters.


Key Features

  • 138mm Drop-In Mount Lens Attachment
  • Near Focus Distance Reduction
  • Can Be Used in Matte Boxes
  • Broadband Coating
  • No Exposure Compensation Required


Replacement Value: $500


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