Mirrorless Camera Rentals

Looking for mirrorless cameras? We carry top brands like Sony, Canon, Nikon, and Fuji, just to name a few. 

This type of camera has become very popular over the past several years. 

What is a mirrorless digital camera? 

Mirrorless digital cameras are made to have a single, removable lens and a digital display system instead of a reflex mirror or optical viewfinder. 

They are meant to make your job easier. These cameras are smaller and lighter, easier to hold and keep steady. They use an electronic viewfinder that shows you everything the camera and lens gets to see live. Most models give you access to a full suite of high-tech photography and video features. 

Why are mirrorless cameras better? 

Mirrorless cameras allow you to use the best and latest lenses from top manufacturers. Many of these lenses allow you to take full advantages of 93% of the sensor tracking points offered by these cameras, allowing fast, accurate autofocus. 

They're also quieter, and less prone to needing maintenance because mechanically they're a lot simpler. Some offer absolutely silent operation. 

Finally, you get the most accurate previews. You know exactly what the camera sees at the moment that you're taking the shot. The result? More of your artistic vision makes it into the final product. 

What is the difference between mirrorless and DSLR cameras? 

Both have strengths and weaknesses. The DSLR does a little bit better with moving subjects. Mirrorless sensors have a slight delay that DSLR optical viewfinders don't share. Yet DSLR cameras are bulky and heavy, whereas mirrorless cameras are much lighter. 

Mirrorless cameras are often far less expensive, and they offer fast continuous shooting. If you work with a lot of video mirrorless is often absolutely the right way to go, as they offer superior video quality. They also offer a lot more scene modes and automatic settings, making them suitable for a wide variety of skill levels.

Want to try a mirrorless camera for yourself? 

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