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Profoto Softgrid for OCF Softbox (1.3x1.3')

Brand: Profoto

Profoto Softgrid for OCF Softbox (1.3x1.3')

  • $10.00

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This 50° Profoto Softgrid for OCF Softbox tunnels the light of the 1.3x1.3' softbox forward while it helps control spill and directs the light only where you want it. The grid has a clever design for mounting that entails slipping an outer skirt over front face of the softbox, thus eliminating light leaks found in some units using touch fasteners. The fabric folds down to a fraction of its open size or can be folded while mounted along with the softbox.



Key Features

  • 50°
  • Fabric Grid
  • Slipover Design
  • Fold Flat or Fold with Softbox



Replacement Value: $95


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